1st Wedding Anniversary - Paper Gifts

1st Anniversary - Paper

The concept of certain milestones being associated with specific kinds of gifts can be traced to Europe during the middle ages when silver was given for the 25th anniversary and gold for the 50th. Over time it became tradition to exchange paper gifts for a couple's first wedding anniversary. In the past, a young couple was likely just settling down in a new home, starting a family, establishing new long term careers, and there may not be much room in the budget for jewelry gifts at this stage in the marriage.

At the Antiquarium, paper is our specialty. We offer a wide range of framed and unframed works of historical significance and artistic beauty. You will find plenty of wonderful ideas for your first wedding anniversary in our collection.

For your significant other, consider indulging areas of interest related to their education, careers or hobbies:
  • Original antique maps of nearly every region of the world, many from the golden age of cartography.
  • Architectural illustrations of ancient Roman landmarks.
  • Texas currency and documents from the Republic of Texas era.
  • Engraved portraits of historical figures from the sciences, arts, politics, and military.

Or satisfy their intellectual as well as aesthetic interests with natural history and other decorative prints:
  • Colorful botanical prints depicting flowers, fruit, or gardens.
  • Birds of many different species by some of history's best illustrators of ornithology.
  • A variety of animal prints from ranging from butterflies, sea life, horses, quadrupeds and more.
  • Prints of figures in costume, heraldic blazonry, furniture prints, French and Japanese porcelain prints.