Celestial & Terrestrial 8" Globes

  • Author: Newton & Sons London
  • Date: 1853
  • Medium: Wood, brass, papier-mache, engraved hand-colored gores, globe
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 22" height, 8" diameter
  • Centimeters: 56.41 height, 20.51 diameter
  • Price: Sold

Newton's New & Improved Terrestrial & Celestial Globes, Newton & Sons, 66 Chancery Lane, and 3 Fleet St. Temple Bar, London

This is an exceptional pair of English terrestrial and celestial globes featuring maps of the earth & sky, crafted by the renowned cartographers John Newton & Sons, a leading British globe-making firm of the time. The terrestrial globe is finely marked with the latest discoveries of the period, and the celestial globe displays the charming mythical characters associated with the constellations. A very fine set, with turned mahogany bases.
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