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  • Author: Sam Houston
  • Date: 1843
  • Medium: Original Document
  • Condition: Good
  • Inches: 8 x 10
  • Centimeters: 20.51 x 25.64
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Sam Houston, one of the most illustrious political figures of Texas crossed the Red River into Mexican Texas on December 2, 1832. His "true motives" for entering Texas have been the source of much speculation. Whether, he did so simply as a land speculator, as a n agent provocateur for American expansion intent on wresting Texas from Mexico, or as someone scheming to establish an independent nation, Houston saw Texas as his "land of promise." For him, it represented a place for bold enterprise, rife with political and financial opportunity.

He quickly became embroiled in the Anglo-Texans' politics' of rebellion. He served as a delegate from Nacogdoches at the Convention of 1833 in San Felipe, where he sided with the more radical faction under the leadership of William H Wharton. IN September 1835 he became commander in chief of troops for the Department of Nacogdoches and called for volunteers to begin the "work of liberty." He served as a delegate from Nacogdoches to the Consultation of 1835, which deliberated in Columbia in October and at San Felipe in November. On November 12 the Consultation appointed Houston major general of the Texas Army.

The present document is a signed Sam Houston Judicial Commission, as the third president of the Republic of Texas; countersigned by Anson Jones (fifth president of the Republic) as Secretary of State. One page, dated September 4, 1843, Washington [on the Brazos]. Houston's large, bold signature with paraph is at the top of the document, to the right of the large blind-embossed Republic of Texas seal.

The documents read in part: "By the President of the Republic of Texas. To all whom these presents shall come, - Greeting: - whereas, our trusty and well-beloved citizen, Thomas H Lewis, has been duly elected to the office of Chief Justice of the County of Jefferson, we do hereby grant him, the said Thomas H Lewis full authority to exercise and discharge all and singular duties, obligations and trusts, to the said office appertaining, by the Constitution and Laws of the said Republic."
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