Californien, Texas und die Territorien New Mexico u. Utah



Vereinigte Staaten von Nord America: Californien, Texas, und die Territorien New Mexico u. Utah From Meyer's Zeitungs-Atlas, Hildburghausen.

This fascinating map is filled with place names, Indian tribes, wagon roads, and more. Of special interest is a huge Gold Region in Northern California. The Southwest and California is called Upper California and the Baja is Lower California. Lake Tahoe is here called Mountain Lake and the Great Basin is the Great Sandy Plains. Utah is a vague area in the northeast portion of Upper California. The Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake are misshapen but correctly located. Salt Lake City (here Mormon City) is incorrectly located at the southern tip of the Great Salt Lake. New Mexico is oddly shaped and contains several towns that properly belong in Mexico, the balance of the border is pre-Gadsden Purchase following the Gila River. Many interesting place names in Texas including Austin's Grant, Houston, San Felipe de Austin, and more.


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