Wild Turkey (female with young), plate VI

  • Author: John James Audubon
  • Date: 1990s
  • Medium: Giclee Reproduction, Field Museum Edition
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 26" x 29" overall
  • Centimeters: 66.67 x 74.36 overall
  • Price: Price on Request

From Birds of America, Field Museum Edition

The Field Museum Edition is a very fine edition of fifty of the best Audubon birds, limited to 150 of each image and can not be reproduced for seventy five years. The Field Edition was released in the late 1990's. The Field Museum Edition of accurately replicates the quality of the original Audubon edition of Birds of America completed in the 1830's. This publication achieves an esthetic quality is comparable to the originals. The remarkable similarity to the hand-colored Havell engravings cannot be overstated.

We have a number of additional Audubon facsimile plates in stock both from the Amsterdam and Centennial editions, and welcome any inquiries in this regard.
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