Winter Hawk, plate LXXI

  • Author: John James Audubon
  • Date: 1971-72
  • Medium: Lithograph, Amsterdam Edition
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 26 1/2" x 39" overall
  • Centimeters: 67.96 x 100.00 overall
  • Price: Price on Request

From Birds of America, Amsterdam Edition

The finest facsimile edition of Audubon's Birds of America is the Amsterdam Edition, created between 1971 and 1972, when the Amsterdam firm of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd., together with the Johnson Reprint Corporation of New York, pooled resources with the aim of making utterly faithful reproductions of Audubon's beautiful engravings. Original specimens of Audubon's work were furnished by the curators of Teyler's Museum of Haarlem, founded in 1778. The prints had been bought by subscription from Audubon's son in 1839.

A preeminent set of ornithological experts from the National Audubon Society (Dr. Roger Tory Peterson), the Smithsonian (Dr. S. Dillon Ripley), the National Museum of Natural History (Dr. George E. Watson), the Department of the Interior (Dr. Richard C. Banks) and Amsterdam University, Netherlands (Professor Dr. K. H. Voos) served as editors of this work. The firm of G. Schut & Zonen, founded in 1625, was commissioned to create a fine woven paper of 100 percent unbleached cotton rag to match the papers used in the original Havell engravings. Eight-color offset lithography, the highest standard of the day, was employed as the printing method by the Dutch firm NV Fotolitho Inrichting Drommel. The end result was that these prints have the look and feel of the original Havell edition engravings.

The edition was limited to 250 sets. Each print bears the watermark of its maker, G. Schut & Zonen, the word Audubon, and two stylized monograms: “G. Schut & Zonen – R – Audubon – O”, where the ‘R’-monogram represents a combination of the J & R from the Johnson Reprint corporation and the ‘O’-monogram represents the initials TOT from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The watermark is approximately 1” tall and repeats along the deckled (unbound) edge of the Amsterdam prints. It is definitive in confirming authenticity.

We have a number of additional Audubon facsimile plates in stock both from the Amsterdam and Centennial editions, and welcome any inquiries in this regard.
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