Hunting Jackalls - plate 31



Oriental Field Sports, Being a Complete, Detailed, and Accurate Description of the Wild Sports of the East; and Exhibiting, in a Novel and Interesting Manner, the Natural History of the Elephant, the Rhinoceros, the Tiger, the Leopard, the Bear, the Deer, the Buffalo, the Wolf, the Wild Hog, the Jackall, the Wild Dog, the Civet, and Other Domesticated Animals: as Likewise the Different Species of Feathered Game, Fishes, and Serpents,... Taken from the Manuscript and Designs of Capt. Thomas Williamson, who served upwards of Twenty Years in Bengal...., 1808, London, Edward Orme. Samuel Howett, Illustrator.

This work is justly celebrated for Samuel Howett's hand-colored aquatint engravings of dynamic hunting and sporting scenes of the period. The work gave a rapt British public an eye-witness view of one of the most exotic, mysterious and beautiful places of the British Empire.


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