Bulbus Narcissi Marini



From Hortus Floridus in quo rariorum & minus vulgarium florum icones ad vivam varamque formam accuratissime delineatae. Arnheim : apud Ioannem Ianssonium, 1614.

One of the earliest florilegia, the Hortus Floridus contains realistic and delicate prints created by Crispin van de Passe ll, a member of a famous family of Dutch artists. Most of the flowers are tulips, hyacinths, crocuses and other bulb plants, a popular enthusiasm of the then increasingly prosperous Dutch citizenry.

Unlike earlier botanical works in which the plants were shown by themselves, van de Passe placed his specimens in a natural environment, often accompanied by insects and animals that provide a narrative element to the images. The low point of perspective is characteristic of Dutch landscape painting of the day.


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