New England

  • Author: Thomas Jefferys
  • Date: 1755
  • Medium: Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
  • Condition: Good
  • Inches: 40 x 42
  • Centimeters: 102.56 x 107.69
  • Price: $16,000.00

Second Edition, Second State (c.1768)

Thomas Jefferys was one of the most important English publishers of maps of the American colonies in the middle of the 18th century.

This map is highly valuable and visually stunning, not only for is unique characteristics but also due to its large size. Much of the land is marked as "Not Granted" and although Vermont is suggested it is not officially named. Maine is noted as being Eastern Part of Massachusets Bay .

There is a small detail of the city of Boston in the top right corner, which speaks to the several fires that occurred over the course of ten years in the city since its settlement in 1630. The bottom right corner has a beautiful cartouche of the first settlers arriving at Plymouth Rock.
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