Pianta Grande di Roma

  • Author: Giambattista Nolli
  • Date: 1748
  • Medium: Reproduction
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Inches:
  • Centimeters:
  • Price: $6,195.00

A high quality reproduction of the original map of Rome La Pianta Grande di Roma from 1748.

La Pianta Grande di Roma originally consisted of twelve copperplate engravings that identified nearly two thousand sites of cultural and historical significance including streets, squares, public urban spaces, notable building interiors, monuments and surrounding terrain. Importantly, modern surveys and satellite images have actually confirmed the overall exactness of Nolli's map, within a very small margin of error.

The team of designers and framers expertly framed the collection of twelve reproduction prints, which highlighted the detailed yet grandiose nature of the works. We used a minimalist and modern brushed silver frame and no mat to keep a clean design. Can also be available unframed.
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