Ovula, Plt. 53

  • Author: George Perry
  • Date: 1811
  • Medium: Hand-colored aquatint
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 9" x 11"
  • Centimeters: 23.08 x 28.21
  • Price: $295.00

From Conchology, or the Natural History of Shells. Original drawings by John Clarke. Engravings by William Miller. London: W. Bulmer and Col., 1811. Folio. Full margins.

George Perry`s Conchology has become synonymous with the most exquisite renderings of shells produced during the 19th century, and is the only Conchology illustrated with aquatinted plates. Lavish and showy, this Conchology was based on the studies of not only Linnaeus, Bruguiere and Lamarck, but also introduces dozens of the newest discoveries of shells specimens, from the South Seas and points beyond.

Perry was an avid conchologist as well as an astute collector. His own "cabinet of curiousities" boasted specimens from the most noted naturalists` voyages of the day. The original identification, description and engraving of these new specimens by Perry, for which he was initially criticized as fanciful, imaginary and erroneous, has since become adopted as acceptable nomenclature. This landmark work, showcased here, is clearly one of the monumental conchologies of all time.

Buchanan, Nature into Art p.189-192; Dance, p. 90-94
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