• Author: Jodocus & Sons Hondius
  • Date: 1607
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 21" x 16"
  • Centimeters: 53.85 x 41.03
  • Price: Sold

AMERICA, from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas. Amsterdam, J. Hondius.

One of the most attractive and influential maps of the Western Hemisphere of the period, and one of the first to use images of Native Americans. The engravings of figures in the cartouche at lower left, showing how an alcoholic manioc beverage was made, and the kayak, dugout and canoe, are from the De Bry engravings of the watercolor drawings of John White, a member of the first English colony in North America, and governor of the second colony.

Fish and other ocean creatures breach and leap, and a Chinese junk is prominent among the various sailing vessels on display.

In 1604, Jodocus Hondius purchased the plates of Mercator's Atlas, many of which had been drawn by the great mapmaker himself. The Hondius family updated Mercator's plates and added maps in subsequent editions, known as the "Mercator-Hondius Atlas."
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