• Author: Gerardus Mercator
  • Date: 1595 [1613]
  • Medium: Hand-colored copperplate engraving
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 22" x 17"
  • Centimeters: 56.41 x 43.59
  • Price: Sold

AMERICA sive INDIA NOVA ad magnae Gerardi Mercatoris avi Universalis imitationem in compendium redacta, Amsterdam.

This stunning map of the Americas is based on Rumold Mercator's world map of 1587. The hemisphere is surrounded by exquisite mannerist decoration, and four roundels which contain the titles (lower right) and three insets of parts of North America: the western shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba and Florida, and Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. A large interior lake in North America called Mare dulcum aquarum could be either one of the Great Lakes based on Indian reports or James Bay or Lake Winnipeg. The St Lawrence River extends nearly halfway across the continent.

There is a bulge in the west coast of South America, as in the corresponding Ortelius map, and the continent extends above the Tropic of Capricorn in the Pacific where there is a very large island of New Guinea. Above North America there are two of the four islands of the North Pole, with the great mythical rivers flowing from the polar region.
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