De Garda Aranzo del la grand Sorte



From Nürnbergische Hesperides, oder gründliche Beschreibung der edlen Citronat-, Citronen- und Pomeranzen-Früchte, Johann Christoph Volckamer, editor, various engravers. Nuremberg: 1708-1714.

Johann Christoph Volckamer (1662-1744) was the rich heir of a family silk factory who dedicated his time to the formidable project of growing lemons and oranges in a greenhouse in his large Nuremberg garden, one of the city's finest. His Nürnbergische Hesperides was a scientific catalog of his collection, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful works on botany of the Baroque period. Expertly drawn, engraved and colored, the illustrations therein depict the fruit gracefully afloat in the air above quaint scenes.


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