North America showing The Republic of Texas

  • Author: V. Levasseur
  • Date: 1845
  • Medium: Hand-Colored Steel Engraving
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 17 x 12
  • Centimeters: 43.59 x 30.77
  • Price: $595.00

A visually stunning decorative map of North America dating to 1852, by French map publisher Victor Levasseur. Levasseur published several different editions of his North America map - this being the most desirable due to its depictions of the ephemeral Republic of Texas. Though cartographically minimalist, there are a number of additional important elements that are worthy of note. These include the extension of Oregon territory well into British Columbia, reflecting the American claims. Also, the Northwest Passage from Atlantic to Pacific is drawn as an open and practically navigable seaway.

The decorative border showing the cultural, natural, and trade richness of the Americas. The left hand side of the map depicts European seamen bargaining for indigenous products. In the background is a Mesoamerican style pyramid, dramatic mountain scenery, and a railroad train. The right hand side of the map shows a cross-section of the flora and fauna common to the continent, including a Bison, vultures, a polar bear, an elk, a fox and an alligator. In the undergrowth, a leopard lies hidden. At the base of the map a classically dressed woman lounges with a St. Bernard and Bale of Cotton.
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