North America

  • Author: C. Lotter Family
  • Date: 1760
  • Medium: Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving
  • Condition: Very
  • Inches: 23 x 18 1/2
  • Centimeters: 58.97 x 47.44
  • Price: Sold

The Lotter family were engravers and publishers based in Augsburg with a prolific output of maps in the eighteenth century.

This is a striking map of the new world, with original hand colour. Showing the colonial possesions of several nations, we see the Spanish developments in the southwest, French territories throughout Canada and the western Mississippi valley, as well as the British colonies. With surprisingly accurate depictions of rivers and coasts, this map provides a reasonably proportionate image of an expansive land. Borders are well distinguished by color, yet there are hints of expansion as the borders of the southern colonies not only extend to the Mississippi, but continue beyond into the French Louisiana territory. The map is well complimented by a large decorative cartouche showing Native American and a European settler.
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