Map of the World

  • Author: Peter Apian
  • Date: 1520
  • Medium: Woodblock
  • Condition: Very good
  • Inches: 17 x 12 1/2
  • Centimeters: 43.59 x 32.05
  • Price: Sold

Tipus Orbis Universalis Iuxta Ptolomei Cosmographi Traditionem et Americ Vespuchii Aliorque Lustrationes A petro Apiano Leysinico

Peter Apian (Petrus Apianus) (1495-1552) was a German humanist, mathematician, astronomer and cartographer, and this 1520 map of the world was prepared according to the teaching of Ptolemy the cosmographer, and the voyages of Americus Vespuccius and others. The title is set in the upper margin and the map is decorated with 12 windheads and 2 wreaths in lower corners, one lettered "L.A." for Luca Atantses, a financier of the map's production, and "L.F." for Lorenzen Fries, a draughtsman, and "J.K." for Johannes Camertius. A highly important world map, recognized as the first attainable to name "America." He modeled this map on Waldseemuellers 1507 wall map, and it was bound into an edition of Solinus's Polyhistor published in Vienna in 1520.
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