50 Dollar Currency Note

  • Author: Government of Texas
  • Date: 1839
  • Medium: Copper-plate engraving
  • Condition: Very good
  • Inches: 15 3/8" x 11 5/8" framed
  • Centimeters: 39.42 x 29.81 framed
  • Price: $1,925.00

The Government of Texas - The Treasury Department

Houston, Texas

For the collector, the Lamar notes of 1838-1839 are somewhat rarer than the earlier 1838 coutnerparts bearing the signatures of Houston. Collecting the series with Sam Houston's signature is more popular, thought many novice collectors may not realize that iwas actually William G. Cooke who signed Houston's Name. [Bevill 188]

There are only six denominations of the "Government of Texas" engraved notes, but thirteen distinct design varieties in the issues from Huston. They are spread somewhat evenly throughout the notes graced with Sam Houston's or Mirabeau Lamar's signature.

A handful of private engraving firms provided the plates and the printing of currency for state-charted banks in the early part of the ninteenth century. [Bevill 189]

The note is presented in an archival framing treatment; handmade block-corner frame with a gilded lip and decorative gold stars applied to the corners. The note is float mounted on fabric mat with a gold around the opening, and protected by museum glass.

Bevill, James. The Paper Republic the Struggle for Money, Credit and Independence in the Republic of Texas. Houston, Tex.: Bright Sky, 2009. Print.
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