Carolina Parrot, Plate XXVI

  • Author: John James Audubon
  • Date: c. 2006 - Present
  • Medium: Giclee Print
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 29 5/8 x 21 1/4
  • Centimeters: 75.96 x 54.49
  • Price: Price on Request

Audubon's 50 Best Watercolors, New York Historical Society.

The images created by John James Audubon (1785 – 1851) are icons of nineteenth-century American art. Renowned for the Havell double-elephant folio of The Birds of America published from 1827 to 1838, his original watercolors made preparatory for that publication are less familiar. These fragile treasures reside in the New-York Historical Society, New York City’s oldest museum. Yet, it is these stunning watercolors that most authentically convey the virtuosity of Audubon’s artistic vision of the cycle of avian life in nature.

These were printed directly from Audubon's original watercolor paintings, which were acquired by the NYHS from Audubon's widow.

Each Audubon Watercolor is printed on high quality German watercolor paper, bears the embossing of the New-York Historical Society at the bottom left corner, and the embossing of Oppenheimer Editions at the bottom right. The verso is stamped with the signature of the President of the New-York Historical Society, and numbered by hand.

Strictly limited to 200 impressions of each image.
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