American Military Campaign Planning Globe

  • Author: Denoyer Gepper Company
  • Date: c. 1944
  • Medium: Metal
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Inches: 18 x 20
  • Centimeters: 46.15 x 51.28
  • Price: $3,195.00

Denoyer-Geppert Company, founded in Chicago by L. Philip Denoyer and Otto E. Geppert who were former employees of the US branch of W. & A.K. Johnston of Scotland & Nystrom, which supplied many Chicago globe makers with printed gored. Denoyer-Geppert went on to develop their own line of American manufactured globes, specifically for educational and war time purposes.

The Military Globe was used for campaign planning, and became an important element of military academies. This scientific instrument was often found in Naval and Air Force educational facilities. Presented as an exceptional geographical and military learning tool, it was simply designed and could be written on with chalk.
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