Bird's-Eye View of Houston - Limited Edition Reproduction

  • Author: Augustus Koch
  • Date: Original was 1873
  • Medium: Reproduction
  • Condition: New
  • Inches: 41 5/8" x 36"
  • Centimeters: 106.73 x 92.31
  • Price: $495.00

This is a large format, giclee, reproduction from an original antique map.

Augustus Koch was an itinerant cartographer who traveled the country creating bird's-eye views of towns and cities, and was but one of many such artists in that era during which such perspective views were a sort of national craze. Koch, a German who spoke poor English, nevertheless served in the Union Army drawing maps of the army's advance. He was discharged in 1865, perhaps because of a case of malaria, and he cast about until 1868, when he embarked on what was to prove a successful career in his chosen profession. He was to meticulously create around 112 bird's-eye views.

We obtained a copy of his rendition of Houston, restored it, reproducing it on fine archival paper. This item is from the limited edition set.

An open edition version of this map is $395.
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