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The Antiquarium Custom Framing Partner Profile Of The Week

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The Antiquarium is excited to partner with A Street Frames. Their secret to success is simple: clean and elegant profiles and finishes.  Their aesthetic is a clear match for many of our gallery clients. We have selected three of their styles to highlight, and we think A-Street Frames’ authentic voice captures the essence of the passion they have for their craft. 

In their own Words…A Street Frames:

When we began the business in 1981, we started off building simple, elegant, gallery style frames, mostly for our artist friends in Boston’s Fort Point Artist neighborhood. These handmade, contemporary “cap moldings,” distinguished by their splined-corner joinery, are still at the heart of our framing business.

For more than 35 years, A Street Frames has been handcrafting picture frames of the highest quality.

Founded by artists, the company was initially conceived as a way to pay the bills while helping fellow artists to frame their work. While still owned and operated by its founder, Mark LeSaffre, since that time we have grown to become one of the largest and most respected art framers in the country. Our clients include not only individuals and artists, but designers, collectors, museums, and many leading galleries in Boston and New York. In addition, we manufacture and sell our frames to frame shops across the country.

We believe in the use of only museum quality, archival framing methods and materials.

We make all of our frames from scratch, by hand. The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind frame that is right for each individual piece, and will enhance and preserve your artwork.

Classic Hardwood Frames

Our line of Classic shapes is perfect for a variety of art pieces, from drawings and portraiture to antique maps or landscapes. Many of the shapes in this collection are recognizable frame styles that had their beginnings in various historical periods and have endured for generations. Our multi-headed molder enables us to mill over 60 different Classic shapes. As with all of our moldings, these shapes can often be modified upon request.

Hardwood Frames

Our Contemporary Frames are available in beautiful natural hardwood finishes like maple, cherry, and walnut, as well as over 40 different solid lacquer colors, including a set of whites, off-whites and grays that we call our “Museum Colors,” finishes that have been manufactured to match Rising Museum mat boards. These solid lacquer finishes are exceptionally smooth and are of the finest quality. Our Contemporary frames are a timeless, classic gallery-style option. Built for museum quality framing, they possess a singularly clean and contemporary appeal.

Arts and Crafts Frames

Our Arts and Crafts frames evoke the traditional craftsmanship inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th and early 20th century and utilized in the construction of Mission style furniture. We employ various joinery techniques when building our Arts and Crafts style frames, such as mortise and tenon, through-tenon, bridle-joints, and lap joints.

In addition to Quartersawn White Oak, we often use other hardwood species for our Arts and Crafts frames, such as Fishtail Oak, Tiger Maple, and Walnut. As with all of the frames that we manufacture, our molding styles, wood species, and wood finishes are interchangeable, resulting in nearly unlimited options.

The Antiquarium offers Houston’s finest custom framing.  Visit our gallery in Upper Kirby for an inspired framing consultation, and let our skilled artisans craft your vision using A Street Frames!