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Reddish Heron Watercolor by J.J. Audubon

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The Reddish Heron or Reddish Egret is native to the Gulf Coast, Texas and Florida. It has been noted to  have two color different color morphs starting at birth, a darker red or white and remain so for their life.

John James Audubon is well known for his work The Birds of America published from 1827 to 1838. During his expedition along the Mississippi River, he studied, documented, and illustrated a total of 471 birds. Audubon's works were later printed in a collection the Fifty Best by the New York Historical Society and in later years, the Watercolors.

Printed with archival pigments on 100% rag watercolor paper, these prints directly capture the Audubon’s hand. Each image is individually sized to match the exact dimensions of the original painting. This is an actual-size first edition printing of the watercolors and will assume an important position among the collectible editions of Audubon’s work.

The New-York Historical Society Edition of Audubon’s watercolors is limited to 200 sets, which coincides with the same number of folios that Audubon produced for the Havell Edition of hand-colored engravings.

This stunning handmade frame by Rhonda Feinman has beautifully finished gold carved details and a hand-wrapped fabric liner. Museum glass creates a transparent look which is perfect for the Audubon watercolor.