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Japanese Actor Triptych

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Actor Triptych featuring Nakamura on the right, Nakamura Shikan in the center, and Bando Hikosaburo on the left.

Japan, 1872 (Meiji 6), Month IX

Showing the date with character seal removed (removal began the first month of 1872). Signed by the artist Toyohara Kunichika, the publisher; Gusokuya Kahei (seal name Nigyocho, Gusokuya) who was active from 1843-1874. This particular seal was in use from 1866-1874.

Woodblock print with hand-coloring. These prints are known as Oban Tate-e, Oban meaning the approximate 15 x 10" print standard and Tate-e meaning it was portrait format. (Yoko-e stands for landscape format).

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