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Siebeck Garden Plans

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Rudolph Siebeck (1812-1878), born and educated in Leipzig, was a designer and theorist of public landscaping. After a stint as city gardener of Leipzig, Seibeck became the chief gardener of Vienna, and designed the Vienna City Park, among others.

Picturesque Garden Plans, A Practical Guide To The Laying-out, Ornamentation And Arrangement Of Villa Gardens, Town Squares & Open Spaces From A Quarter Of An Acre to Four-Acres.


 From Entwürfe zu Garten- und Parkanlagen verschiedenen Charakters in mannigfaltigen Situationen: 20 Pläne zur Anwendung bei günstigen Verhältnissen (Designs for gardens and parks of different character in varied situations: 20 plans for use in favorable conditions). Wiegandt & Hempel, Berlin ca. 1853.

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